How It All Started

In South Africa, there is a severe lack of a supportive and inclusive community, that accepts and educates without prejudice, breeders and owners from all walks of life. In the middle of 2019, Shanleigh Blackburn and Jasmine Gregersen came together and founded the love-child that is URCSA. 

URCSA was started with the intent to create a learning platform for those who are enthusiastic about any rodent. In the beginning of 2020, Ashley Bradley joined the team and URCSA officially became URC, and went international to the USA. Since then we have branched out to Australia, thanks to Jessica Ryan and Canada thanks to Riley “Kat” Dagley. As we continue to expand and grow, we hope to branch out to all areas of the globe in order to spread factual knowledge to as many people as possible.

What Do We Do?

The purpose of URC is to create an inclusive and educational community surrounded by the ideals of acceptance and knowledge. We aim to create an international platform so that individuals are not bound by the guidelines their relevant country’s clubs have set. 

Standards and Renaming

We are in the process of making new standards for as many rodent species as possible, that can be used around the globe regardless of origin.
Our intent is to name gene combinations based on the genetic composition of the combination, not the phenotypic representation. What does this mean?
In short, even if certain combinations of physically similar to each other, they will still have their own name. This is to avoid confusion in discussion and on pedigrees. For example, Russian Platinum has about 5 different possible genotypes, depending on the club you follow, and even within clubs there are multiple genotypes given to the same name. This can get extremely confusing when discussing in groups or giving pedigrees out.

Rat or Rodent Community? Where are the Rest?

You may notice that it seems as if we are only for rats at the moment. This is because we want to perfect each species as we do it, and because our founders are mainly rat breeders, this was our primary focus.

We do not presume to be an all knowing and all powerful group. We did not start up to become another registry or another club. We are a community. That is why you will notice that our website may seem rather bare. This is because our focus is on growing our Facebook group, so as to grow a community and family. 

What About Shows?
 While we would like to hold online shows in the future, this is not the goal or purpose of URC. We are creating standards and names in order for URC breeders to have a goal to work towards that is cohesive and works with our international goal. This does not mean we are a showing entity, and we do not believe that shows are the be all and end all of the breeding world or of clubs. Our primary focus is knowledge. 

Code Of Conduct

About The Code Of Conduct

Our Code Of Conduct exists so that our members know what we expect of them, and how URC wishes to be portrayed. We understand that mistakes happen and that nobody is perfect. This means that should one of our members be caught breaking our code of conduct, we will look over the situation and revise what actually happened. Once we have done so, we will speak directly with the member(s) in question and issue warnings where necessary. 

Our most important goal with the Code Of Conduct is not to ensure our members never disagree or get visibly upset, but rather to ensure that our members are not belittling, gaslighting and bullying others.